08/17/2010, 11:48 AM
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I finally finished painting a Munny figurine for a friends sister’s sweet 16..

Started  early last night and finished it up today around 1pm.. and at the last minute.. everything that could have possibly gone wrong.. went wrong.

Too humid for paint to dry.. and gloss.

munny tippy over while drying…the back end sticking to newspaper and peeling off..

re-painting and re-gloss for the 6,321,335,449,090,765,711.21 time

and painting a 16 years old face .. gets hard as hell.

then painted th take out box as a gift box*..

* graphic design comping hella paid off!

and done.

Headed out to Fremont and dropped it off..


07/29/2010, 9:26 PM
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Headed out to SFMOMA with a few of my favorite guys for a book signing with David Choe.

Dropped $45 on it and waited in line.

In front of us was one of Bryant’s instuctors for CCA, Barron Storrey  who I found out drew the cover for Lord of the Flies… (I never got around to reading back in high school), along with his lovely wife.

We all chatted about art and what schools we all go to as well checking out Francis’ blackbook.

Storrey’s wife suggested that he hit up Francis’ book!

He got himself a self portrait! Preety sweet.

Got my JUXTAPOZ issue #72 (Jan07) signed along with the book and  sketchbook.

Ended the night with chowing down McDonalds on Market st. Then headed back to Union City.

It was a good night.

07/15/2010, 11:45 PM
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A little overdue but i finally got around to unpacking a few sketches and drawings back from the Academy. Packed away with my icon studies, grids, and loads of pretty vellum paper from my graphic design class, I found the sketches I got from the Sketch 4 Sketch tour which hit SF on May 5th.

That morning, along with my roommate Kristine, we headed out to Upper Playground and waited in line with a  good 20 some folks in front of us.

Made friends with the guys behind us.

Spotted Jeremy Fish pull in and entertained curious little passerby’s.

After waiting for about 2 hours we finally got through.

I got some motivating words, inspiration and major comfort after Mr. fish said he can see me in the future.

While in line, we spotted Sam Flores heading into the shop and asked for sketch as well.

Hands down, it was an epic day.

06/26/2010, 11:14 PM
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I’m going to stick to the basics and what I know.

Old paintings up. Gather up some motivation.. sketch and painting sessions all summer long.

05/26/2010, 3:54 PM
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I will update.

Be back real soon.

i couldnt help it…
08/24/2009, 1:28 PM
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El Mac
08/09/2009, 1:01 PM
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This past Thursday went out to Fifty24SF to check out El mac’s show  wit my friends Gaelan.

it was pretty nice.

got my Juxtapoz subscription issue No. 103 signed as well as his and Retna’s book.

(excuse the picture quality, it was taken from my BB)





IMG00170Afterwards we headed out to downtown Redwood City t was watch Ironman outdoors for free. which goes on every Thursday night around 8:30pm.

A few misc. updates:

Got the new Julian Plenti album this Tuesday, Julian Plenti…. is Skyscraper.

sigh. great. Paul Banks look hot .

Bryant, Dominic and I’s reception is this Saturday at Paddy’s from 8pm till 2am.


and happy belated birthday Dean!

later 🙂